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New Year’s Greetings from the President

Happy New Year, and may this be a happy and fruitful year for everyone.

    This year is my fifth term as a president of JAOT, and it's my sincere desire to continue working for our country and members of JAOT in order for them to be happier and healthier through “occupation”. This year has begun with the simultaneous revision of medical service and long-term care fees and this revision may make everyone busy handing the changes. However, Occupational Therapy has unwavering accumulated achievement and knowledge in promoting well-being through engagement in occupation, and it fits right in with community-based integrated care systems too. We shall keep our focus on the client-centered approach and promote well-being of our people.
    In 2018, JAOT places an emphasis on “Building and securing the framework for human resource development in community-based integrated care systems”. To achieve this, we set the following pillars.

○Fostering academic development of occupational therapy
○Reviewing and ensuring the competence of occupational therapists
○Expanding work fields and promoting effective use of occupational therapy
○Enhancing public awareness of occupational therapy
○Developing collaborative relationships with national and international entities
○Supporting the victims of large-scale disasters

January, 1st 2018
Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists
Haruki Nakamura